The Gospel Of Hip-Hop – Minister Server Tavares

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InSpirit TV brings you an inside look at ‘The Gospel Hip Hop.’ Teachings brought to you by none other than, Minister Server (Guest Speaker).
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  1. AC The PD

    I just believe it is working backwards, counter-productive, the opposite of HipHop, to mix religion, it’s language and it’s idols, with HipHop culture … It’s the same thing as “crossing-over”, in the worst way, in my opinion … Conforming to religion is like giving up on HipHop culture’s purpose of achieving a constructive, productive, self-improving, surviving-the-traps-of-society way-of-life that HipHop always was, is and will be, to those who do it for the love, without any economic interest in capitalizing on it’s essence and divine purpose/relativity to our common responsibility to The Creator … It’s the worst gimmick ever, IMO … Leave religion and it’s language out of HipHop, I believe that is how HipHop is meant to be treated, without the Separatism of religion, nationalism, race-ism, etc.


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